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Naturally Alkaline Mineral Water

Alkaline Artesian Still Mineral Water
100% Australian from a Deep & Pure Ancient Source

Life Energy Water is supplied to health food and organic shops, offices, therapists, health and fitness centres, schools, and private homes by energetic, fun loving people who are passionate about the water and helping people.

Awareness of the effects of acidity on the body is increasing among health professionals and people who are prepared to do their own research.

Many of these individuals have discovered just how easy it is to become more alkaline by changing their drinking water. We make no claims and never will. Our suggestion is to ‘Give it a Go’ for a month or so and decide for yourself if you feel better, look better and think better.

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Bicarbonate                                      280 mg/L

Chloride                                              90 mg/L

Silica                                                     26 mg/L

Nitrate                                              <0.5 mg/L

Sodium                                                 171 mg/L

Magnesium                                        0.0 mg/L

Sulphate                                            13.9 mg/L

Carbonate                                           7.2 mg/L

Calcium                                               8.1 mg/L

Potassium                                            1.3 mg/L

Fluoride                                              0.5 mg/L

Hydroxide                                           0.1 mg/L

Trace elements 

- Iron 0.03, 
- Zinc <0.01,
- Manganese <0.03, 
- Aluminium <0.05, 
- Boron 0.18, 
- Copper <0.03.

Alkaline PH = 8.49 -8.7
Alkalinity (mg/L CaCO3) 242 

Total Dissolved Ions 566 mg/L

Our Water
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